Ile d'Orléans ou paillasson de l'isle d'Orléans

Fresh curd cheese

Situated opposite the town of Quebec, the Ile d???Orlans quickly became a home for essential settlers from Saint-Laurent. Since the 17th Century, there has been an artisan cheese called ???cheese of l???ile d???Orlans,??? that could be found in the specialized boutiques of the town and is inspired, it is thought, from the recipe of a Norman who had arrived in the area. The production of the cheese, which was made using raw milk, was stopped in 1965 due to new regulations on dairy products. It was in 2000, thanks to the work of Jaques Goulet, researcher for the Department of Food sciences and nutrition, and his associate, Jocelyn Loub that the production of the cheese was re-started. An artisan micro cheese dairy was reopened. The Ile d?Orleans cheese is shaped into a small round, flat disc, weighing 140g and it has a naturally blue coloured rind. No ferment is added, the maturing process is completely natural. It is a cheese with character, with a powerful odour, Jaques Goulet described it as ?the one which stinks the most.? There are three types of cheese sold; a fresh cheese, accompanied by maple syrup or fresh fruits, a partially dried cheese and a fully matured cheese which has been matured for several weeks.