Savoyard cheese platter

04. Savoyard cheese platter

A theme cheese board composed entirely of cheese of Savoy.

To make a mountain key to the pleasures of the table, your guests will be happy to be offered a cheese plate Savoy, composed of the best cheeses of Savoy. This type of theme cheese platter gives an educational side and generous to your table.

To taste the cheese tray Savoie in the best conditions, take them out of the refrigerator at least an hour before your meal to bring them gradually to room temperature and thus, make the most of all their flavors.

To serve cheese tray Savoie, choose a natural material support. Glass, wicker, wood or ceramics have our preferences, but avoid the metal (stainless steel or silver) which tends to alter the flavor of the cheese. Savoyard tray can also be presented as a beautiful cheese cover.

Savoie cheese not exhibiting a uniform taste throughout its mass, always cut it out so as to join the heart and the crust.

Find the best cheeses of Savoy to compose your plate:

Reblochon de Savoie *

* Beaufort - Savoie cheese

* Abondance - Savoie cheese

* Chevrotin - Savoie cheese

* Emmental de Savoie - Savoie cheese

* Gruyère de Savoie - Savoie cheese

* Tomme de Savoie - Savoie cheese

* Tomme Bauges - Savoie cheese

* Abbaye de Tamie - Savoie cheese

* Persillé Tignes - Savoie cheese

* Blue Ste Foy - Savoie cheese

* Blue Termignon - Savoie cheese

* Colombiere - Savoie cheese

* Persillé Aravis - Savoie cheese

* Raclette de Savoie - Savoie cheese

* Tarentais goat - cheese Savoie

* Signal - Savoie cheese

* Tomette Bauges - Savoie cheese

* Vacherin Bauges - Savoie cheese, cheese from the farm ... and many more.