Soft cheese with natural rind;
Fat content

St Felicien cheese is in the shape of a small flat disc and weighs between 100 and 125g. The maturing process lasts one week to drain to the cheese and a further week to form the rind.

Appearance of the St Felicien cheese: rind is fine and a bluish colour
Odour of the St Felicien cheese: slight caprine odour
Texture of the St Felicien cheese: firm but supple
Taste of the St Felicien cheese: slightly nutty.

St Felicien was invented at the beginning of the 20th Century by a dairyman from Lyon to use up the unsold milk and cream. The recipe of St Felicien is very much inspired by that of St Marcellin, but this cheese is bigger and creamier with a milder flavour.

The fact that St Felicien is made with ‘soft curds’ gives the cheese a light flavour which makes it an ideal cheese to enjoy first, to prepare the taste buds for the rest of the cheese platter. 
The pate of St Felicien is unctuous and its flavour, which is reminiscent of the aromas of the animal barn, is an excellent introduction to the family of bloomy rind cheeses. The natural rind of St Felicien is yellow depending on now long it has been matured, goes from soft to runny.

When young (matured for 10 to 12 days) the flavour is mild, when more mature (matured for 20 or so days) the cheese is more fondant with a slightly more pronounced flavour, and the flavour is even more pronounced and the texture even more fondant when the cheese is matured for longer (around 28 days).  

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