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Uncooked pressed cheese
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The history of Cheddar is linked to the one of Cheshire. Its name comes from the valley of Cheddar. This kind of cheese is so widespread that it is now impossible to protect it by a PDO. However the European Union recognizes the designation of 'West Country Farmhouse Cheddar'. To get this appellation, cheeses have to be traditionnally made with products coming from four counties of South West England.
The colour of the cheese is modified with food-colouring substances. The annetto, extract of a tropical tree, is often added to get the colour orange. We do not know exactly the origin of this technique. There are three possible explanations: guaranteeing a unique colour for every cheese; helping the buyer to chose the kind of cheese if it is not identified; identifying the region of production.
Probably, the most sold cheese in the world; Cheddar was first wrapped in black wax. Nowadays, only a few European producers continue to do this.
Cheddar is cylinder-shaped with a 35 cm height and weighs between 30 and 35 kg. The cheese is matured in a dry cellar for six months.

appearance: smooth and even rind; slightly waxy, homogeneous interior despite natural granulation
feel: firm and oily with some degree of suppleness
smell: light bouquet
taste: pronounced, slight piquancy.

Our Cheddar is selected with Paxton&Whitfield in London.


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