Ami du Chambertin

Soft cheese with washed rind
Fat content

Ami du Chambertin cheese is a recent creation, from 1950, and its name was chosen by the producer Raymond Gaugry who lived close to the vineyard of Gevrey-Chambertin. It is made in the area of Dijon in Burgundy, in a artisan dairy, and is made using raw cow’s milk. The Gaugry cheese dairy collects milk from thirty or so producers of the region. The pastures and vegetation of the region give the flavour of the milk. Three breeds of cow are used; the Brune, the French Simmental and the Montbeliarde, which are all reputed for the quality of their milk and their high yield.

The Ami du Chambertin is in the shape of a small cylinder with a diameter of 9cm and a thickness of 4cm, for a weight of around 300g. Very similar to the Epoisses cheese, it is matured for two months in a humid cellar, where it is washed with water and marc de Bourgogne (marc brandy). 

This cheese is characterised by its fine, wrinkly, brown coloured rind which is shiny and smooth, its strong odour and its pronounced flavour. To the palate the flavour is powerful at first and then the centre is creamy.