Rigotte de Condrieu

Goat's milk cheese

The Rigotte de Condrieu cheese

The Rigotte de Condrieu cheese is a small, soft goat's cheese with a natural rind. It originates from the eponymous commune of the Rhône. The milk is raw and the curds are lactic. The curdling is slow: between 16 and 30 hours. Its dimensions (which can vary in thickness) are; 6cm in thickness and a diameter of 7cm. When matured in a cool cellar, it develops blue, when matured in the humid cheese cellar it naturally turns a pinky colour.

 The Rigotte de Condrieu cheese is also known under the name of Rigotte d'Ampuis. The rarefaction of the herds of goats led the producers , in around 1930 to introduce a large part (25%) of cows milk. But since 1981, wanting to defend the traditional production of the cheese, the producers wanted to make it so that the cheese was fabricated with goat's milk only. This has made the cheese rise to a popularity level that it would not want to lose.

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