Soft cheese with natural rind;
Fat content

Pérail cheese: An introduction

This ewe’s milk cheese from Aveyron has a connection with the fabrication of Roquefort. The little cheeses are made when the quantity of milk is not sufficient enough to make Roquefort.

This cheese is farm made and is shaped as a very small, flat disc. It measures 7cm in diameter with a thickness of 2cm and a weight of 90g.

Pérail is matured for 1 to 3 weeks to dry it out.

Appearance of the Pérail cheese: fine, bright rind
Odour of the Pérail cheese: light ovine odour
Texture of the Pérail cheese:  tender, soft
Taste of the Pérail cheese: pleasantly aromatic.

History of the Pérail cheese

The origins of Pérail go back to the pastoral times of the region. The ‘Grands Causses’ have been occupied by man for over 50,000 years. At first the inhabitants lived by hunting, fishing and gathering, and then discovered agriculture and the rearing of animals. Later, man discovered the curdling of milk.



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