Goat's milk cheese
Fat content

The name of the Cabecou cheese comes from the Occitan language and comes from ‘cabe’ meaning goat and ‘cou’ a suffix meaning ‘little goat.’
The history of Cabecou cheese goes back hundreds of years, back to when goats were first introduced to the area in the Middle-Ages, during the Arab invasion.

This cheese is in the shape of a thin disc and weighs 60g.
The cheese is matured for two weeks in a humid cellar, its flavour becomes more nutty when it is matured for longer. After 15 days, its rind is white and covered with little specks of mould.

Exterior of the Cabecou cheese: smooth rind
Odour of the Cabecou chese: slight smell of mould and lactic acid
Texture of the Cabecou cheese: can be fondant or firm, pate is compact
Taste of the Cabecou cheese: slightly milky, mild and nutty. 



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