Soft cheese with washed rind

The Vieux Lille cheese is little known but merits being discovered. Reserved perhaps for cheese connoisseurs due to the pungent odour, the cheese is also named ‘Puant Macéré’ meaning ‘macerated stink.’ But for many, the odour is not so bad and is appreciated. In 1960, Nikita Kroutchtev, former master of the Kremlin, discovered the cheeses whilst in Lille. He appreciated the cheese so much that he ordered dome to be delivered to the USSR. This cheese has benefitted for several years from a Regional Label, classifying its quality.

The Vieux Lille cheese is made the same way as Maroilles. It is salted twice, its rind is a grey colour with an odour of ammonia, its flavour is pronounced, salty and piquant. Its pate is supple and without holes. It is matured for longer than its cousin, the Maroilles, as it is matured for 5 to 6 months.  

Associated wines Vieux-Lille Associated wines

Bière / Madiran / Cornas ou Lirac