Soft cheese with washed rind

The " Soumaintrain " belongs to the family of " soft cheeses and washed rind ". It is exclusively made ​​from whole cow's milk , raw or pasteurized . Its geographical area is in the northeast part of France , on the borders of Burgundy and Champagne .

Since July 7 , the Soumaintrain is recognized PGI ( Protected Geographical Indication) ! A sign of quality for the cheese to whole cow's milk . In step IGP since 2011 , is the culmination of years of work for the defense association .

The name of the cheese Soumaintrain just one of the locality of the Yonne from which farmers were making cheese. 

Aspect of Soumaintrain :
The Soumaintrain has a form of a flat cylinder with a diameter ranging from 90 to 130 millimeters.
Its height is from 25 to 35% of its diameter.
Its weight should be between 180 and 600 grams.
It takes 4 liters of milk to make a Soumaintrain 400/450 g .
At maturity, the Soumaintrain has a nice crust pale yellow to tan, slightly wrinkled and still a little wet .
Its paste , ivory white, is soft , smooth, slightly grainy and gently melting .

There are two types of Soumaintrain : Soumaintrain said "farmer" , produced on the farm. Soumaintrain said "milk " from a milk collection performed on many farms by a dairy.


The maturing of this cheese from Burgundy is made six weeks in damp cellar with washing.

Choice at the sight of Soumaintrain:

thin crust, smooth and brownish

Choice to the smell of Soumaintrain: penetrating Choice at the touch of Soumaintrain: flexible Soumaintrain of choice to taste: spicy taste of terroir.

The nose, the Soumaintrain develops intense and subtle nuances. Its dough is thin, fresh and soft. His lactic flavor (whey) gives it a slight acidity which will be combined with a hint of bitterness.

Soumaintrain is distinguished by its rich aromas. Refining plant develops aromas (mushroom, humus, hay, straw), sometimes forested. More refining is more developed animal nuances become important. Its aromas are persistent in the mouth but Soumaintrain is respectful of cheese which promotes happy taste alliances. It consumes usually ½ refined when in sub-crust aromas saw on spellbinding scents, slightly smoky and powerful while the heart is chalky to keep a balance while fresh and lactic notes.

Associated wines Soumaintrain Associated wines

Tokay / Gewurztraminer d'Alsace / Beaujolais