How much cheese per person?

02. How much cheese per person?

The right proportions of cheese per person: how to predict?

It is not always easy to predict the right amount of cheese per person when receiving, especially when one is numerous.

Here are some guidelines for calculating cheese per person: how much cheese to buy?

* Seated meal: 60g to provide 80 g of cheese per person after a meal.

For 4 people: at least 350g to 400g to not be ridiculous. It is better that he left because the cheese is preserved.

Serves 6: 500 g of cheese.

For 8 people: providing a tray of 600 g of cheese.

From 10 guests, calculate cheese 70g per person.

From 20 guests, calculate cheese 60g per person (some people do not take).

* Cheese Meals only: provide 250g per person.

A wine and cheese evening: Count 1 bottle for two or three and 250 g of cheese per person. Also provide enough bread (150g per person).

Charcuterie & cheese * Meals: counting 200g cheese, 150g sausage and 200-250 grams of bread (baguette almost a person to be quiet).

* Cheese platter to accompany a large buffet.

Provide 40-80 grams of cheese per person depending on the abundance and generosity of the buffet.

* Cocktail or buffet only cheese: 150g count to person through cheese 250g.

* Fondue: plan to buy at least 250g for a good amount of cheese fondue per person.

 * Raclette: 200g provide for the amount of raclette cheese per person 120g sausages per person for a generous raclette

* Aligot: 70g to 80g provide fresh tomme (cheese) and potatoes 180g per person.

Finally, not to be mistaken, it is better to check with your cheese has more used. And as the ancients said: "When there is not too much, is that there is not enough". The cheese was always meant to be preserved because it is why milk is transformed: for conservation.