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Blue-veined cheese

If you want to rediscover the authentic taste of Stilton, with its complex aromas and unctuous texture, you must try Stichelton, which is made in the traditional way using raw milk. This cheese brings out the characteristics of the English countryside more than its cousin Stilton, which, in accordance with its specifications, can no longer be made with raw milk.  Stichelton was in fact the 13th Century name for the town of Stilton.

The character of Stichelton comes from the rich pastures of the Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, which give the cheese flavours reminiscent of undergrowth and liquorice.  The unctuous texture is created by the small amount of rennet which is added to slow down the acidification process. Stichelton is therefore a quality cheese, fit for a connoisseur.
It must be noted that thanks to the work of Prince Charles, a movement recently began in Great Britain to protect and defend raw milk cheeses.

Today, the London cheesemonger; Paxton&Whitfield select the finest wheels of Stichelton for Maison Androuet. This cheese of character marries perfectly with a good Port- preferably white, like a Lagrima.

Associated wines Stichelton Associated wines

Gewurztraminer d'Alsace / Monbazillac / Porto / Sauternes / Vouvray ou Montlouis moelleux