Emmental de Savoie

Cooked pressed cheese
Fat content

Emmental ‘grand cru’ comes from an interprofessional agreement signed by the producers on the 1st of October 1981, to give value to the cheese. Quality French Emmental appeared in France in the middle of the 19th Century, when the German Swiss cheese makers migrated towards France. The difference between the two French Emmentals is that one is made using pasteurised milk. 

Emmental is in the shape of a wheel with a convex heel. It has a diameter of between 80 and 85cm for a thickness of 22 to 25cm, and a weight of between 60 and 100kg.

Emmental is matured for between 3 and 6 months in a fresh, humid cellar.

Appearance of Emmental cheese: when looking at the profile of the cheese, it does not seem inflated, bulging
Interior of the Emmental cheese: well spaced eyes (holes) the size of a nut
Odour of the Emmental cheese: slightly lactic
Taste of Emmental cheese: mild and fruity.

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