Cutting cheese

01. Cutting cheese

Cheese does not have a uniform taste throughout, always cut it in a way so that you taste the heart of the cheese and the rind.

How to cut cheese
Cheese should be cut with a knife that has been dipped in hot water, and then wiped, like you would do for foie gras. It is best if each cheese platter has at least 2 cheeses, one for strong cheeses, and one for mild cheeses.

Don’t forget that a fork is indispensable for serving the cheese.

Another rule is that each mouthful of cheese should contain a part of the heel. This is because a cheese never has a uniform taste; in general the taste is more affirmed near the rind, due to the surface mould. Therefore make sure that you eat some of the rind along with the centre, to get the full flavour of the cheese.

For a whole cheese, point the knife in the centre and cut towards the outside. For a morsel of cheese, cut the end along the widest part, and then the base along the longest part.
For Roquefort for example, it is imperative that the ‘nose’ of the cheeses is not cut, as this is where the most of the blue is. It is best to cut in a way that gives a slice where the blue is evened out, and the taste is much fuller and varied.