Abbaye de Tamié

Uncooked pressed cheese

Abbaye de Tamié cheese was created by Trappist monks in 1131 AD, and they have been making it ever since. At the beginning, the cheese was a cooked pressed cheese similar to gruyere, whoch could be conserved. Over the years the cheese has evolved and is now an uncooked pressed cheese. The cheese is artisan made. The pate is quite mild, and similar in texture to Reblochon. 

Abbaye de Tamié is characterised by the saffron colour of its rind which, when matured, is covered with a light blanket of white. The pate is beige and fine, tender and soft. It resembles a soft cheese. The rather pronounced flavour comes from the quality of the pastures where the cows graze. This cow’s milk cheese is in the shape of a disc with a diameter of 18cm, a thickness of 4 to 5cm and a weight of 1.2kg.

Packaged in azure blue coloured paper (printed with a white Maltese cross), the Abbaye de Tamié cheese is a cheese made by monks, with a moderate flavour. It is reminiscent of Reblochon, but its pate is a lot suppler. It has a pronounced milky flavour and sometimes has an aroma reminiscent of an animal barn. Tamié is not runny, and is ideal for picnics.

Appeaarance of the Abbaye de Tamié cheese: smooth and bright rind
Odour of the Abbaye de Tamié cheese: no particular odour
Texture of the Abbaye de Tamié cheese: pate is tender and elastic
Taste of the Abbaye de Tamié cheese: a pronounced lactic flavour.

Associated wines Abbaye de Tamié Associated wines

Chablis / Crépy de Savoie / Abime blanc de Savoie