Lancashire (Beacon Fell traditional Lancashire cheese)

Royaume Uni
Uncooked pressed cheese

Lancashire has the same name as the county where it is produced. It is an uncooked pressed slightly soft cheese, with a natural white colour. Lancashire's shape is similar to the one of Cheddar. The weight varies between 18 and 22 kg, but there are also smaller versions.
This cheese is hardly drained and gets softer with time; it can thus be spread on bread. The local amateurs melt it on toast as a snack. It is also the cheese used for the Lancashire hot pot.
The technique involved to make this cheese is particular in that the curds are crumbled in between each stage of the production, which is difficult copy using industrial methods. There is also a 'smoked Lancashire.' Where the cheese is smoked for a smoked flavour.
Beacon Fell traditional Lancashire is protected by a PDO. For this hand-crafted version, Lancashire is aged for 6 months.
The history of this cheese is linked to the Singleton family, who started the production more than 80 years ago when Robert and his wife, Deuillia Singleton, started making the cheese at the farm in Beacon Fell.