Direct sale of cheese

02. Direct sale of cheese

Direct selling is the sale of a product directly from the producer to the customer,

Due to the economic crisis, direct sales from producer to customer becomes popular again (eg direct sales of farm cheese on the farm). Indeed: it eliminates the middlemen who have a significant share in the product's final cost: transportation services, central purchasing, sales, etc.

As a precaution, conviction or other reasons, families with immemorial agriculture have never stopped selling to individuals and their various agricultural products including cheeses made from their farm as well as local markets. These farmers have not done business with major retailers, purchasing groups, or the food industry. Because of this, direct sales of farm cheese or regional products in the agricultural sector, as it is called in France today, is not a new activity but continuity.

Due to its vocation, home Androuet has always supported the tiny farmhouse cheese producers, including those who make direct sales. The idea is to promote farm products from local and sustainable agriculture. Today the direct sale of farm baskets by the producer is booming and allows more producers to live from their farm cheeses. Finally, it is often more interesting to buy cheese at a farmer that we know best and who can talk ...