How to choose a cheese by season

01. How to choose a cheese by season

Cheese is a living product, made from the complex raw material: the milk
The taste of cheeses depends therefore on the milk used to make it.

The qualities of the milk are closely related to the diet of the animals that made it.

In this way, the milk of a cow fed on hay, in a barn in winter, does not have the same complexity of flavours as the milk of a cow fed on the grass of the spring fields, or the mountain pasture of summer, where the new grass mixes with the fragranced wild flowers.

This is not to say that cheese can not be consumed in winter. Don’t forget that cheeses can be matured for long periods, and therefore in winter, you can find cheeses that were made with the milk from spring and summer.

To prepare a veritable cheese platter, the seasons should be respected when choosing the cheeses. Your cheese monger is here to advise you all year round.