Harbourne Blue

Royaume Uni
Blue-veined cheese
Fat content

Introduction to Harbourne Blue

Harbourne Blue is an English blue-veined goat's milk cheese, produced by Robin Congdon, who also produces Ticklemore, near Totnes, Devon. The shape is round with a 16 cm diameter and a 5 cm height, this cheese weighs 3 kg. The white pate is crumbly and full of grey green veins. The mould gives a mild not too strong taste.

Fabrication of Harbourne Blue

The goat's milk comes from a farm in the area. The starter culture, vegetarian rennet and the penicillium roquefortiis are added to  the heated milk successively. The Curdling lasts 45 minutes; the curds obtained are stocked in moulds for two days. After that, the cheeses are turned and salted and they stand again for a few more days. Holes are poked in the cheeses in order to allow the mould to develop. The cheeses are then aged for three to six months.