Which cheese to use for raclette

03. Which cheese to use for raclette

The wisest course is to get closer to his cheesemaker who will advise you how to select cheese raclette.

The quality of your meal depends on what is used for cheese raclette. We recommend a slightly fruity raclette cheese, corn salad with generous and long in the mouth.

Here's what we suggest raclette cheese:

* Savoy Raclette cheese

* Cheese Raclette Switzerland Valais

* Smoke Raclette cheese

* Pepper Raclette Cheese

* Cheese Raclette St Nicklauss

* Raclette cheese with mustard.

* Or other cheeses such as Bleu de Gex, Mont d'Or, Morbier ...

  And here's what raclette cheese recipe we suggest:

* Valais Raclette cheese - Switzerland

* Raclette Bleu de Gex

* Raclette au Mont d'Or

* Franche-Comte Raclette Morbier

And to know how raclette cheese per person: some tips.