Appenzeller ou Appenzel

Cooked pressed cheese
Fat content

Appenzeller takes its name from the name of the canton where the cheese was first produced.

There is an Appenzell cheese with skimmed milk called ‘rässkäse’ which has 25% fat. Skimmed, the cheese can become easily bitter. The maturing process, in the past, involved brine solution for which the recipe was guarded secret, and gave the cheese a particular flavour. It wascomposed of white wine, salt, pepper and spices.

This cheese is a small wheel, slightly convex, with a diameter of 35cm, a thickness of 6 to 7cm and a weight of 6 to 8kg.

It is matured for 3 months in a cool, humid cave.

Appearance of the Appenzell cheese: even, smooth rind
Odour of the Appenzell cheese: not very developed
Texture of the Appenzell cheese: firm with elasticity
Flavour of the Appenzell cheese: fruity to very fruity.