Cheese Fondue

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Pour la fondue fromage :

400 g de fromage fruité, type Comté ou Beaufort ou Gruyère
400 g d'Emmental pour donner du fil
1/2 l de vin blanc sec
300 g de pain



Il recette

You need a fondue pot, which is a pot with an adjustable burner underneath, which you place in the centre of the table, salt and pepper mills, nutmeg grated or powdered, a basket of bread cut into bite size pieces and, in addition to a plate, each guest needs a fondue fork (one that has sharp prongs and a handle which does not conduct heat), a glass of wine and a glass of eau-de-vie to wash everything down.

Use around 150 to 250g of grated cheese per person, a 150g thin French baguette with its crust for four people. The wines used for the fondue should always be dry white wine, slightly acidic, in order to keep the palatability of the cheese. Count around ½ a bottle of wine per person. For the Kirsch, count around 5ml per person. The salt and pepper should only be used if the cheese is not sufficiently mature, salty or fruity. The nutmeg is needed to neutralise the effect of the garlic.

It is important to fix the bread onto the fork using the crust so that the bread does not fall into the fondue, also, to plunge the fork to the bottom of the fondue pot and rub the bottom to stop the cheese from burning, which ruins the flavour of the fondue.

However, if the fondue scraped off the bottom of the pot is golden, and not burnt, it is delicious and should be shared amongst the guests. Don??t drink too much wine before drinking the eau de vie, a small measure of Kirsch which should be drunk at the end of the meal to aid digestion.

If the cheese fondue is thick; add a glass of white wine, and stir it in rapidly on a high heat. On the other hand, if the fondue is bubbling too much and is too runny, the flame is too high and it should be turned down, the mixture will then thicken slightly.

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Recette : Fondue au fromage
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Magnifique recette de fondue fromage pour affronter les frimas de l'hiver.
Jean-Paul Petitrenaud
Recette facile de fondue au fromage : un régal !
Jean Lignac
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